I am a mental health specialist, I work with my clients on the psychic difficulties, crises. We try to find solutions together.

I find consciousness to be important. Many times we suffer only because we are not aware of our own motives, can not express our feelings. It is often hard to be honest even to ourselves. Truth is sometimes liberating, sometimes only hurts. It is hard to find alone thee deeper nature of our relationships and we often do not like what is to be seen in the mirror. The purpose of my work: increase the awareness, deepen self-knowledge, search for freedom. – This is what I believe in.

I try to make an atmosphere where nothing is a shame to talk about. I often see, that people are ashamed of their feelings. “I should not be that angry…” But we can not directly influence our feelings. Our choice is only if we experience them or we deny them. I believe that none of the feelings are bad. We are responsible for our behaviour, what we do, rather than what we feel.

Professional background

I receive my degree at the Mental Health Institute of the Semmelweis University, where I even worked in a research project in codependency. Currently I am engaged in the training program of the Hungarian Family Therapy Association. I work as a volunteer at the National Institute of Medical Rehabilitation with patients damaged in an accident, and people who have survived a stroke. I also work as a volunteer at the Soteria foundation.

I first met the psychodrama as a client. After hundreds of hours in individual and group therapy and after the mental health education now I am a psychologist -student (at the Károli Gáspás University) to improve my knowledge.

The Person-Centred Psychology

During my work I fallow the principles of the person-centred approach, declared by Carl Rogers. According to that: Every people have huge internal resources understand themselves, to grow and to evolve. The reason of psychic suffering is that we do not see ourselves in a realistic way. The aim of counseling or psychotherapy is to catalyse these internal resources.

The way to growth lead through acceptance of ourselves. That results internal harmony. That includes accepting our desires, which does not mean every single desire shall be fulfilled, but accepted. Denying the existence of a content will not annihilate it. Everyone is the very best expert in ones life. The most I, or anyone else can do, is to assist.

The System-Theory

The System-Theory belongs to the discipline of family therapy. Its main idea is, that the individual shall not be treated as isolated, rather embedded in the environment. The person lives in a constant back and forth interactions with ones family. An illness, a crisis, a symptom is not exclusively the individuals problem, much rather stemming from the way, the system is functioning. If the system changes, the individuals in it even change.

According to J. P. Sartre: “Man is condemned to be free”. But how do we use this freedom? Do you feel free at all? How is it possible to do what I want to and not to do what do not want to? How can I fulfil this freedom? Can I have my own life, where I am happy to wake up in the morning to get started with my day?