Couples Therapy

I wish our relationship was, as it used to be. Do you long for being happy just to wake up beside your beloved in the morning? If it would just make sense to rush home from work! Can you imagine life without the regular purposeless fights?

There are civilisations, where family decides who to marry. In time, they get to known each other, get used to each other, in a fortunate case, maybe they even get to love each other. In our culture, a relationship often begins with burning love, after this the only way is down. But is this a must?

When to come to couples counseling? When the problem is connected to the partnerrelationship in a narrow sense, or is of sexual nature. In such a case it is an advantage when both members are present. This proves their commitment to the relationship already. Our goal is, to develop a new balance, where nobody is repressed, where nobody has to suffer. Where both of you will flourish. Some examples, when couples counseling is appropriate:

Crisis in the relationship
Sexual problems
Recurring conflicts
No sex after the birth of a child
Third person in the relationship, cheating
Problems with communication
Shall we get divorced?
On the counseling sessions two professionals are present. My partner is Eszter Hátszegi, psychologyst, this way we represent both male and female quality.

Counseling session usually take place every 2 or 3 weeks at a prearranged time. We record the sessions. During couples counseling it is the best practise to take voice records because it is simply impossible to pay attention to everyone at the same time. The record and everything told during the consultation will be treated confidentially. We consider the Code of Ethics of the Hungarian Family Therapy Association to be compulsory during our work.

Our education in family counseling and couples counseling is in progress, to the regulation we are in supervision up, which means we regularly consult about our ongoing processes with our trainer and a professional team.

The fee of the first appointment is: 22.000 HUF, the further sessions cost: 20.000 HUF.
The Price: sessions take 80 minutes.


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