Individual Counselling

What would it feel like to have your own life, your own goals, instead of what you are expected to?

People say, those who come to therapy, are week, sick or fool. What I beleive: those people are brave. People who come to therapy are ready to face their own depth, they are ready to act and change.

Individual consultations usually take place every week, or once every two weeks at a prearranged time. The length of the process depends on the nature of the problem and on individual needs, many time even a few appointments are enough.

Eveirything told during the consultations will be treated confidentially. I consider the Code of Ethics of the Hungarian Psychological Association to be compulsory during my work.

In what cases can you contact me?

  • I am not using canned solutions, the person is in the focus, so every case is unique. A few topics bellow, taken out of context.
  • Relationship issues, conflicts
  • Crisis, breakup, divorce
  • How to find my partner?
  • Communication strategies, skill development
  • Self-esteem, self-confidence
  • Relationship to the parents, autonomy
  • Own goals, own life
  • Stress management
  • Questions of sexuality, sexual identity
  • No-organic somatic symptoms
  • Vacancy

The fee of the first appointment is: 12.000 HUF, the further sessions cost: 10.000 HUF.
The Price: sessions take 45 minutes.

Imre Gábor


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